Your "Mary - Lou":

The - somewhat different - fabric handbag, sometimes romantic,
sometimes wittily functional,
often with a surprising inner life and unexpected details.
Handcrafted unique designerbags.
Your "Mary - Lou" is a promise for more pleasure in workaday's life.
Turns the Sunday's handbag into a handbag for every day.

Who is behind "Mary - Lou" ?

Born and grown up in the swabian Reutlingen,
I graduated after school as a dress maker.
After this, I graduated in Munich as a pattern maker.
As such, I have worked several years until I followed love's call abroad
and our kids kept me from pushing further into creativity.
But in the meantime I am manufacturing handbags since several years now,  following my passion, temper, and fantasy - presently in Barcelona.
Again and again, there are people who are pleased about this actvity of mine

- may be you're the next?